Judaisms in the 1st Century

This course is offered as an evergreen course, meaning you will have access to all the material in perpetuity. Learn at your own pace (No student teacher interaction).

Course Description

A general overview of the Jewish sects of the 1st Century. This course will explore the Jewish backgrounds in which Yeshua & His disciples lived. Some of the areas covered: daily life among Jewish sects; the Temple in 1st Century Judaisms; Qumran–Dead Sea Scrolls; theological disputes among the competing sects.

Scholar Track

One-on-one instruction and guidance from instructor, Rob Vanhoff.

Take your online learning experience to the next level with our Scholar Track. Students who choose this option for this course will receive two, 30-minute, one-on-one sessions over Zoom, a review and grading of a paper, a certificate of completion, and the possibility of having their work published in the TR Learning Center.


No Textbook Required. Collateral readings to be provided by the instructor.
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